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The Wise City Way

Helping mindful leaders and teams in private and public sectors to navigate overwhelming tech hype by implementing grounded, place-based strategies that deliver greater value across social, economic, and environmental goals.

Every digital product has place-based factors. Are you tapping into the real-life experiences of those involved in creating, supporting, and using your offerings?

Separating realities into digital and physical, online and offline, contributes to a dysfunctional world, despite the presence of “smart” and “social” technology.

Embrace a holistic approach to interconnected online and offline experiences. Engage fully with the communities and environments where we live, work, and play. Are you ready to go deeper?


Product Leadership

Expert guidance for ethical digital placemaking. Mindfully adopt Lean Startup practices to turn around stuck efforts, and grow sustainably.

Community-Centered Engagement

Strategic engagement & media campaigns with stakeholders, local organizations, and residents to increase thriving, inclusive urban life.

Talks & Training

Provide insightful talks, skill workshops on digital placemaking practices, with embodied, mindful leadership and compassion.

Advisory Retainer

Fast answers and wise advice 1-on-1. Monthly 24/7 access about all things digital placemaking, products, strategy, and mindful leadership.

Digital placemaking is the strategic integration of technology to support, enhance, or accelerate placemaking practices. It’s an integrated offline+online approach strengthening pluralistic community connections through a collaborative process that shapes public spaces to benefit everyone, mindful of the ecologies, cultures, and sustainable economics that define and support its endless evolution.

Let’s work together to build a wiser future

Let’s create digital placemaking programs that focus on bringing people together, cultural diversity, and ecological balance.

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Director and Founder

Daniel Onren Latorre

As a visionary leader with 25 years of experience, Daniel is a product trailblazer in digital placemaking and community-centered design.

He created the Digital Placemaking practice in 2010 at Project for Public Spaces. He was a steering committee member for NYC Participatory Budgeting’s first 3 years, creating and leading their digital participation tools, helped advance sustainable urbanism with Streetsblog & Streetfilms, rebooted the community mapping product strategy at OpenPlans, and co-founded several local groups advancing sustainable ethical urbanism in NYC.

Daniel brings a unique set of skills to his roles in product management, with a background in web development, strategic integrated marketing, Agile and Lean methods, combined with his deep understanding of cross-cultural service design, enabling him to tackle complex challenges and transform them into opportunities.

He is available for public and private talks and training, and has spoken at various institutions such as, The White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, Moscow Department of Urban Planning, Columbia University GSAPP, DOX Museum for Contemporary Art Prague, School of Visual Arts, Parsons The New School for Design, University of New South Wales Australia, NYC Center for Architecture, Global Placemaking Weeks in Vancouver & Amsterdam, and more.

Daniel’s 15-year journey in Zen mindfulness practices deeply influences his management and mentorship approach, fostering a harmonious intersection of places, cultures, and digital technology. His genuine commitment to ethical technology and compassionate leadership encourages others to explore innovation and contribute to a more mindful future for everyone.